Will my phone's reception be compromised or lessened in the bag?
Not at all. We designed the bag so that the protective fabric is on only one side of the bag, towards the body only. It is not on the outside of the bag so that the EMF energy is pushed away from the body not towards it. As long as the phone is placed in the main compartment, you are protected.

What comes with my bag purchase?

You will receive the bag along with a crossbody strap. The strap can be used to wear the bag as a fanny pack or hip pack, as well as a crossbody bag. Additionally, you can use your own belt with the loops on the back.

How big are the belt loops?
The belt loops are 3.5 long and would fit a belt up to 3.25" wide. I wanted to keep it large for my wider belts...see the Lylo Instagram for my favorite red wide belt I love wearing with it.