"I set out to solve a problem.

I was pregnant and working as a property manager, which meant I needed to carry my phone with me all the time. I had heard warnings from the health department saying not to carry your phone on your body, but how bad could it be? I dug deeper and found tons of articles and research. There was a lot to be concerned about.

How could I stay connected but protected? With safety in mind, I began researching bags on the market. The problem was there just wasn’t anything stylish out there. And I wanted a bag I could take anywhere: a hip bag for quick errands and travel, a crossbody bag for certain outfits, and a clutch for date nights. It needed to be small enough to wear on my body for travel and hiking, but large enough to hold the essentials.

I reached out and interviewed over 110 women to see what the perfect bag would look like, and I came up with, our signature Lylo Bag. It has a special holder for your lipstick or chapstick, so it's never lost at the bottom of the bag, and a special hook for your keys so they can never fall out or get stolen.

The Lylo is made with some of the best hardware and materials in North America, and most important, it’s designed with anti-radiation fabric, keeping us safe from our phone’s constant emissions.

It's the perfect combination of safety and style. I hope you enjoy yours."